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Trio Consultancy has been established in the consulting sector in Turkey since 2005.

Our company provides consultation and counselling for students who intend to go abroad for education and to experience a different culture. We find solutions according to their situation, including assistance with visa applications, school selection, accommodation alternatives and training. We also provide translation assistance for institutions and individuals.

The secret of our success is the successful matching of student candidates with the schools that we are working in partnership with. Our central office is in London, which enables Trio Consultancy to provide ongoing assistance to the students during their studies. We have agreements with more than 350 schools, universities and institutions in 22 countries (UK, USA, Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, France, Malta, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Ireland, South Africa, Russia, China, Switzerland, Peru, Argentina, Japan, Scotland and Canada).

Our team consist of highly qualified and trained individuals who have knowledge about the education system abroad. We know the requirements to get your admission in one the good universities.

Admission in TRIO consultants are steadily in touch with the Universities to ensure that you do not face any problems while getting admission and educational programs. 

TRIO provides career counselling, admission guidance and organising on the spot admission solutions. We have trained professionals with extensive knowledge about education system and universities abroad. England’s most prestigious universities, including Cambridge and Oxford, are loyal to their and one of these traditions includes entrance interviews as part of their admittance process. But it doesn’t have to be overcome if you consider it an opportunity to gleam.

TRIO works closely with a network of immigration visa specialists, authorized representatives and immigration specialists. Our expanding and exceptional  student visa services are the affirmation of the success of our extraordinary student visa service. Our expert visa advisers provide relevant guidance and necessary support for you.

TRIO offers corporate training and workshops in order to strengthen the skills and capabilities of your business. We understand the requirements of the latest era of business. Any business will need better and effective corporate training solutions to integrate learning and development into every aspect to performance. The companies and individuals have the opportunities to have their studies (formations or educations on business or personal purposes) either abroad or in their home countries. 

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Our corporate training network enables us to maintain a high level of performance usability and reliability. Professional development is distinctly articulated to refine the skill sets of employees through continuous corporate training and corporate structure development programs.


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